The Importance of a Support Network – How VAF Has Helped Me Stay in Business


Starting a business can be a scary prospect. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, you are always going to have questions. Having access to resources is important. Having a network of professionals in your industry is vital. There will inevitably be questions about your industry that a pro in another industry wouldn’t be able to answer.

When I started my virtual assistance practice I was at a complete loss. I knew how to do my job. I just didn’t know how to do it virtually.

There were many little details I had not considered. I was flat broke from a business stand point so where could I turn? This is when I found the Virtual Assistant Forums. This amazing group of virtual professionals provided me with the essential building blocks I needed to get my business off to the best start possible.

The forms sections saved me countless hours and dollars. I didn’t have to recreate the wheel when it came to contracts and business forms.

Our fearless leader Tess, aka @VAForums, was always improving the site to make it easier for users to navigate and easily find the information we were looking for.

Some of the other people I’ve met on VAF have inspired me in other areas of my business as well. Darlene Victoria of @AVPpodcast helped me see that I CAN do anything if I put my mind to it. Her support and encouragement got me through several rough spots when I might have otherwise thrown in the towel.

@KenaRoth of Virtually Assisting You has a smile that outshines the sun and a heart of gold to go with it. She works from home with two young boys who keep her running all day long. She manages to find a way to make it all work and if she can do it, I can do it. Both of these ladies have accepted panicked calls from me and guided me through difficult decisions in my business.

Without this group of talented and skilled individuals I don’t believe my business would be the success it is today. Remember to surround yourself with the kind of people you want to be like. Those people are the keys to your success.

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