Back to School Specials Prove Economical for Small Business


August is back to school month.  As a business you can take advantage of special savings for students that can help keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.  Here are a few tips and ideas:

  • Buy office supplies during tax holidays this month.  Contact your taxation dept. for dates or click here for a list by state.
  • Electronics stores, membership warehouses and department stores all run computer specials this month.  Snag those new PCs and laptops while they’re on sale
  • Check for online coupon codes to save on shipping and get freebies with your orders from some retailers.  Just google “Coupon Codes”

We are all trying to have less impact on our environment.  Check out these eco-friendly finds:

Ask about laptop alternatives that have less environmental impact and are energy-star compliant
Look for recycled and chlorine-free papers that have less impact on forest depletion and pollute less when being produced
Recycle old CD-RWs and 3.5 in discs at Green Disk

Also, look for eco friendly office supplies at these retailers:

Office Depot
Earth Binder
New Leaf

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