The 5 Most Unprofessional Things You Can Do Without Getting Fired, Maybe


Most of us have worked in an office where people have done outrageous things and been fired for them.  From stealing to insurance fraud, we’ve seen it all.  In fact just today there was a news story about 3 car dealership executives that stole 81 cars and had embezzled tens of thousands of dollars.  But what about those little things that are just wrong but won’t get you fired?  Here is a list of five things that happen around the office that just shouldn’t!

1.        Men and women alike, wear pants that cover your rear end.  We know you like your thong but that doesn’t mean we need to see it too!  And I won’t even go into the whole plumber’s crack thing.

2.       If you work directly with the public, in person OR on the phone, DO NOT CHEW GUM!!!  It’s disgusting to hear and even worse to look at. 

3.       If you’re sick, really sick, like contagious, please stay home.   We don’t want to take more sick days because of you.

4.       Be polite to clients.  Remember the old adage treat other as YOU want to be treated.  Well it’s still true.  You might not care if the customer leaves but I guarantee the company does.  Remember a happy customer is a returning customer. 

5.       Don’t gossip.  Especially about your boss.  It WILL get back around.  Come on we’re not in high school anymore right?

All of these were taken directly from experiences gathered from family and friends who work in corporate America  .  I have been working from home for the past 3 years and I am so glad I don’t have to deal with any of this anymore.  I would love to hear your best/worst office stories.  If you’ve got a good one please post it in the comments and then get back to work!


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