Twittering Part 3


I recently signed up for a webinar on Twitter through Hubspot.  Sadly I was called by a client with an urgent matter and was unable to attend the Webinar.  I heard there were some technical difficulties however I did receive an email with the entire webinar.  I promise to watch it and post Twittering Part 4 next week some time.  In the mean time I’ll post some new Twittertools I’ve found. 

I have to give dear hubby credit for setting me on this path.  He was perusing Firefox and found some Twitter add-ons. 

  • Twitter fox – Allows you to see your friends’ statuses and update yours
  • Twitzer – Allows you to post more than 140 characters and resolves TinyURL links to actual links
  • Twitter Bar – Allows you to post to Twitter from the Firefox Address Bar
  • Twitterbin – Sidebar that allows you to communicate with
  • Twitkit – Sidebar with a six section interface, stat display and personal and Twitter timelines (Similar to Tweetdeck mentioned below)

I installed all 5 of these add-ons and so far I’m not terribly impressed.  Each add-on made me restart Firefox.  Not a Twitter issue but still frustrating.  After all was a said and done I could only find two of the add-ons in Twitter and only Twitbin loads automatically when you open Firefox. 

Prior to my Firefox experiment I had installed Tweetdeck.  Thank you @cletch for the heads up.   I like Tweetdeck.  It splits the screen into as many panes as you want.  You can choose which updates go into those panes.  For instance, my first pane is All Tweets.  This shows updates from everyone I’m following.  For my second pane I have Replies from direct Tweets and in my third pane I have my Real Estate Group.  This shows me updates only from people in the Real Estate Group that I created.  Nice enough but Tweetdeck doesn’t open automatically when Windows starts and I don’t always remember to open it.  Also, a few times it has closed mysteriously. 

I have found a few widget/gadget features that supposedly allow you to add your updates to your WordPress blog but I was unable to find a place on their sites that said were WordPress enabled.  I also checked on the WordPress Dashboard under widgets and Twitter is not an option.  Coming soon I’m sure.  I will continue searching for that one tool that puts Twitter out in front of other networking sites but for now try these out.

Just to give you an idea of how many people have already caught the Twitter bug, I ran a search for Real Estate and found over 129 pages with 20 people on each page.  I’ve only gotten through 15 pages.  I am currently following almost 60 people and almost 70 people are following me.  If you aren’t one of them please add me to your list @SupportMyOffice.  If you are following me already, let me know what you think! 

Twittering Part 4 coming soon.


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